Press Release 8/30/22

Re: Newest Member of the Guild of Harwich Artists is a High School Student

For the first time in recent memory, the 75-person Guild of Harwich Artists membership now includes a high school student. Francesca Ciampa, who resides with her parents in Cambridge MA, grew up summering at the family’s house in Harwich Port. Francesca has been drawn to art since early childhood. She vividly remembers as a young child often walking through the Guild’s seasonal Monday Art-in-the-Park in Doane Park with her parents. Years later she finds herself displaying her own work in Art-in-the-Park under a tent shared by longtime Guild member Marlene Weil.

Francesca has studied art at the Mass. Fine Arts (MFA) Museum and the Cambridge of Art.  Francesca credits well-known paper collage artist Woahn Hun as a major influence in her recent colorful collages on display. Unique to Ms. Ciampa, she does not title her work preferring to let viewers come up with their own based on what they see.

Francesca is a rising senior at Newman College in Boston where she is enrolled in their International Baccalaureate program. Her ambition is to pursue a degree in international social work, though she insists she will always be engaged with her art.

Submitted By: Michael Rudden, GHA President

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