Erica Dale Strzepek

Erica Dale Strzepek, Contrast, watercolor, 18 x 18 inches

Erica Dale Strzepek

“With my eyes closed, I am surrounded by ocean waves, falling snow, prismatic sunsets, or swaying seagrass. The air is fresh and inviting. Imagining nature’s song playing for me, a sense of calm takes over as I relish a familiar journey. My watercolors represent that comforting, familiar journey with nature.”

Strzepek received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Communications including minors of Fine Art and Art History, graduating magna cum laude from Franklin Pierce University 1996. In addition to graphic design, early studies included life drawing, glassblowing, and photography. She later concentrated her fine arts studies on painting.

A juried member of the Guild of Harwich Artists, Strzepek primarily works in watercolor on paneled board. Her color palette includes American-made, natural mineral pigment watercolor paints which leave natural mineral shimmer and granulation, complimenting her work and love of nature.

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