The Art Gallery of The Guild of Harwich Artists

24 Artists Living On & Painting the Many Moods of the Sea & Beyond

The Art Gallery of The Guild of Harwich Artists opened its doors in March 2007. The 24 artists who exhibit at the Guild Gallery all are inspired by the light, air, and ocean that surround the Cape.  Nestled in the village of Harwich Port, MA, we are closest to the warm waters of Nantucket Sound, and the marshes and bogs that Cape Cod is known for,  but we are also within just a few miles of the roaring Atlantic, the shelter of Cape Cod Bay, and innumerable ponds and trails that inspire our works.

The Town of Harwich and the village of Harwich Port is a wonderful year-round community, however, it gets very lively during the summer season as vacationers and the sailing buffs return for their summer by the sea.  The visual inspirations are endless as a result.

We paint in various media including oil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, paper/collage, ink, and graphite.  Usually, each artist has a favorite main medium, and may sometimes venture into the others.  Works are ready for hanging, and prices range from $100-$3,000.  We also keep a supply of small sketches that are matted but unframed, for a modest but original and one-of-a-kind piece to stow in a suitcase for our vacationers.

Most of our artists have studied art in art school, college, or in multiple workshops with masters of their art, so the influences and styles you will find in the gallery vary with each artist. Come for a visit and look at the works in the gallery, all social distancing protocols in practice. 

2021 Art Gallery Artists

Carlson, DibHarcourt, MarionSarantis, Pat
Carroll, JoanKelley, PatShortsleeve, Karen Marshall
Cuddy, EllenLeigh, IrisSimpson, Mary Ann
ElKamouny, KathyMagnusson, KathleenTyldesley, Weedie
Folding, LarryOrbon, PeggyVacca, Katherine
Fuentes, Martha Little Orbon, RichWeil, Marlene
Funk, JiniOstrander, Elaine Felos
Glass, JohnReynolds Schofield, Maryrose

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