The Art Gallery


The Art Gallery of The Guild of Harwich Artists opened in March 2007. Each member brings to The Gallery a unique experience that reflects their personal style, and expressive ability. Many come from backgrounds that include careers in art education, architecture, interior and graphic design. Works on display include oil, acrylic, watercolor and pastels as well as collage, etching and white line monotype.

A series of “Meet the Artist” events enable The Art Gallery to continue the Guild’s educational outreach through painting demonstrations and gallery talks combined with an opportunity to meet the artists socially.

The Art Gallery participates in the Harwich Chamber of Commerce and the Harwich Port Christmas Stroll as well as the charitable community activities of The Guild of Harwich Artists.

2019 Art Gallery Artists

Carlson, DibHammersten, PaulOswell, Vivian
Carroll, JoanHarcourt, MarionReynolds, Maryrose
Cuddy, EllenKelley, PatSimpson, Mary Ann
ElKamouny, KathyLeach, TomStrzepek, Erica Dale
Folding, LarryLitwin, RobinTyldesley, “Weedie” Elizabeth Adams
Fuentes, Martha Little Magnusson, KathleenVacca, Katherine
Funk, JiniMasce, PeggyWeil, Marlene
Glass, JohnMee, Doris
Hageman, Barbara Ostrander, Elaine Felos