Paint the Town 2017, Wychmere Harbor

Dib Carlson and John Glass at Wychmere overlook

Members of the Guild of Harwich Artists will celebrate their annual “Paint the Town” event at Wychmere Harbor this year. Saturday, June 17, members will be painting from the overlook along Route 28, in Harwich Port, or from the Town Dock near the Fish Shacks below. With balloons tied to their easels, you can easily identify the guild members. Some will start early, 8-9 am, some sleeping in a bit and starting later. This is a good opportunity to see artists at work! Feel free to bring a chair for more comfortable viewing.


Guild of Harwich Artists Participants:
Chris Banks
Dib Carlson
Larry Folding
John Glass
Barbara Quinn Grasso
Peg Masce
Maryrose Reynolds
Katherine Vacca