Cooperative Bank Show April 22, 2022

Thank you all Guild members that attended last night’s reception at the first after hours reception at the Coopertive bank in East Harwich! In attendance were Larry, “Weedie,” Katherine Vacca, Karen, Linda, Natalie, Norm, Michael Hilbig, Gail, Joy, Jay (and wife Ruth), Martha, Michael Rudden (and wife Maria), Maryrose, (David Schofield, too,) Annie, Deb, Pat Krystololski, and Celine.
Last night was wonderful! Chris Caltaldo, his wife Lee, and bank Senior Vice President Cheryl Walsh were delightful, wouldn’t you all agree?
We learned that:
1. There will be three more receptions this year.
a) July 1st
b) September 30th
c) December 2nd. (correction)
2. Our NEW Stas hanging system will be installed on April 29th at
3. Our next show will hang on May 3rd between 9am and
4. At our September reception it will double as a Chamber of
Commerce monthly meeting.
5. If you would like Chris Caltaldo to help you by creating your bio
to display in the bank in a nice acrylic frame, please contact him
6. Our new concept in being in a bank show is:
a) hang in all three shows
b) Not to worry about hanging dates or take
down dates
c) Change out a piece or two as needed,
when needed
Thanks to ALL of you amazing Guild Members!