Mary Sheppard

My artwork is inspired by my world-wide travels; the wonders of nature; ancient civilizations; my studies in energy healing and mindfulness; and the collective, spiritual world. You will notice that my art features nature, symbolic places, and animals but deeper meaning can be ascribed to many symbolic elements within my art. My art is bright and joyful, and the colors, shapes, and lines convey deeper meanings. I play with a juxtaposition of fine detail versus open space. The lines in my work show the vibrational energies that we are unable to see with the eye but are present in everything. I want people to experience joy when they look at my art because thoughts create your reality. Feeling happiness and joy for even a few moments is positive therapy for mind and body.

Contact Information:

[email protected]



Mary Sheppard (@marybrittsheppard)

Exhibiting locations: Cape Cod Art Center, Barnstable, MA.