Chris Banks


©Chris Banks, Path to the Sound. 24 x 30 inches.

Chris is a Cape Cod Artist, painting original landscapes, floral art, marine art, faux finishes and decorative designs.

She has an extensive background in oils, watercolor and acrylics. When Chris stands before an empty canvas, contemplating her palette of paints, she thinks, “What window of the world do I want to paint today?”

From Chris: “Most often I find my inspiration from the Cape landscape, sea and flowers. Painting with my art friends is so inspiring … and my children and grandchildren give me a great sense of pride and wonder. “If I had to describe myself, I would say I’m a realist painter … Color and shapes fascinate me.

“I was raised in Central Massachusetts, in the Sturbridge area, and lived in the city of Worcester for 39 years. I moved full-time to Harwich 15 years ago when my husband, Ed, retired from teaching. But we came to Harwich to visit my parents for 47 years before moving here. My parents owned a restaurant on Sea Street in Harwich Port, now known as The Cape Sea Grille.

“Worcester is where I raised our two children, Doug and Amy, and also where I was deeply involved with a number of community activities such as Girl Scouts and my children’s schools. It was during that time, in the late 1970s, that I took up painting, and as I became more involved with it, more enamored with color and texture, I took more and more classes and workshops, and even more intense studies all over the nation.

“Soon, in order to support my travels and my paint supplied, I began teaching — something I still love to do, offering private art lessons or small classes. Back then, I began teaching art to adults in Worcester and nearby towns. I also took a job at Pieces Hand Painted Furniture in Marlboro, where I painted floral designs, ladies in sylvan settings, classical motifs such as acanthus leaves and topiaries, all on high-end furniture sold wholesale to furniture stores and designers. I also worked and traveled to furniture trade shows in Manhattan, Atlanta and High Point, N.C. — the kind of work that gave me the speed and confidence to work in oils to achieve the perfect colors to match fabrics, tiles, or whatever a designer’s inspiration may be. It was very precise work, and I loved it.”

Now in the summer months you will find Chris painting outside, soaking up Cape Cod’s best — all the vibrant colors and sights it has to offer — and in the winter enjoying time honing her skills.

She shows her work at the Art in the Park in Harwich Port, MA, and the Hourglass Gallery in Melrose, on Boston’s North Shore. These are the venues she most enjoys because she gets to meet and spend time with customers directly. Also available by appointment at home studio. She describes herself as a “realist: painter and you can see this in her vividly-colored paintings. “Color and shapes fascinate me.”

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