Bobbie Pierce

Bobbie Pierce

As a four-year-old, I would sit in my backyard and write and illustrate my original “novels.” Ever since, I have been accepting of all challenges presented by the blank canvas, the blank page. I employ my creative process as the way to solving many design problems and projects beyond the scope of the canvas on the easel or the chapter on the computer screen; it has become my practice.

Currently, I am working on a series of pastels that illustrate my most recent novella.

My company, Applied Arts & Graphics, L.L.C., takes on a wide range of projects including textile originals, illustration, murals, graphic arts, as well as the presentation of an idea from its inception to presentation at the intended event.

Guild Activities: As a Guild member, I am most involved in the Member Art Show now in its second year. Because of its dedication to community, there are guild volunteer opportunities intended for my future involvement. I am also a member of, and volunteer for, the Cape Cod Museum of Art.

Bobbie Pierce Artist  Writer Applied Arts & Graphics L.L.C.

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