Aaron O’Brien

Aaron presents his art in many forms, as he continues to learn new mediums and modes within artistic expression. Primarily, he captures nature presenting itself upon the lens of his camera.

“Photography is a very efficient mode for me capture the finest details in nature.”

Aaron’s main goal is to capture nature with  minimal influence of non-naturally occurring objects in the frame.

“Those objects that do present themselves in the frame are primarily examples of blending human influence with the idea of keeping the aesthtic nature and local in mind. An example of this hybridization of nature & artifical would be the traditional wooden fences that line the dunes of the cape beaches. The transmutation of the two become iconic. “

Aaron is constantly in awe and learning from so many talented artists and opportunities within the Guild of Harwich Artists. Please see the newest watercolor piece he completed during a recent workshop.

Find Aaron’s work for consideration at: Art in the Park/The Seal Pub